Our Staff

Tony Stark a Premium Holsteiner Foal

Rachel horner is our trainer. she is currently a student at William woods university. she is currently competing in dressage, jumpers, and eventing. she often clinics with professionals from each seat. She is a patient, firm and effective trainer and barn manager.


susan horner is our breeder. She selects the stallions that would most benefit the confirmation of our mares and attends to the births. She is a bsn with many skills in genetics, birthing, reproduction and wound care.
Stanley Horner is our wonderful farm hand that keeps the farm looking nice and helps us keep things in good repair.
                       Weanling                                                                   Yearling        



Our Mares

Natasha Romanoff

Blue Sky Farms LLC

amy rucker is our vet. she specializes in lameness and injuries of the equine. she assists us in reproduction and helping us keep our foals healthy and able while growing and training.
Kent from Clip Clop Shoeing is our journeyman farrier. I love what he does for my horses feet. he and our vet often collaborate to make sure our horses stay sound!