Blue Sky Farms LLC

It's A Breeze Horse Training (Starting May 2015)

Preschool for foals:

weaning and caring for the weanling

When and how to wean. What training a weanling needs to keep behavioral problems away.


before, during and after

We can help you breed your horse. Prepare and/or attend the foaling. Coach you on how to care for your foal. Help you with finding a support group.

Kindercare training:

Bombproof and start your 1-2 year old

Manners! What your horse needs to know before you try to ride.

Elementary training:

training the horse to ride, some would call this breaking the horse

How to safely train and start riding your horse without the anxiety and issues.

Specialized training:

difficulty issues, changing your riding style, new horse issues

Is your horse a bully, scared, or just stubborn? Sometimes it just takes a little help. That is what we are here for!